Radio Interview with comrades from Romania, Kosovo and Greece about their expectations of BAB2023

Anarchist radio show Črna luknja at Radio Študent in Ljubljana dedicated its whole last episode to Balkan Anarchist Bookfair 2023. They spoke with comrades from the Organizational Assembly of BAB2023 about the program, Day0, participation of groups and organizations and political agenda of the gathering.

In the last part of the show they hosted comrades from groups Anarhiva (Cluj, Romania), Anarcho-syndicalist group (Prishtina, Kosovo) and Clandestina (Thessaloniki, Greece) to discuss political meaning of Balkan anarchist organizing and the BAB project itself in short radio interviews. As this comrades are involved with anarchist organizing and networking in the Balkans for many years and some of them already hosted BAB in their cities in the past, the insights into their perspectives for this years BAB and the Balkan Anarchist Network in general are very valuable and interesting.

Listen to the short interviews with comrades from Romania, Kosovo and Greece (in english) below:

You can listen to the whole episode of Črna luknja (most of it in Slovenian language) on the link below:

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You can listen also to the interview with comrade from the Organizational Assembly of BAB2023 that was published by Anarchist Radio Berlin in April 2023:

If you want to know more about the history of the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, please listen also to an interview comrades of Leneșx Radio in Romania did in January 2023 with a comrade from Ljubljana: