On this page we will publish (and update) all relevant information regarding the logistics of the event such as transport, your participation, accommodation etc. If you have any questions contact us via email: bab2023(at)riseup(dot)net

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Balkan Anarchist Bookfair 2023 will take place in Ljubljana – the capital city of Slovenia that is located on the north-west borders of the Balkans. Slovenia is bordering Italy in the west, Austria in the north, Hungary in the north-east and Croatia in the east-south. There are normal connections to travel to Ljubljana with car, train, bus or airplane.

Useful nearby airports (beside Ljubljana airport):

  • Trieste, Italy (100 km)
  • Venice, Italy (245 km)
  • Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria (85 km)
  • Vienna, Austria (375 km)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (140 km)

Bookfair location: The Bookfair itself and most of the program (discussions, presentations, assemblies and workshops) will take place in Dvorana Tabor in the city center:

Športna dvorana Tabor / Tabor 13, 1000 Ljubljana

Evening program location: counter-cultural program with exhibitions, concerts and DJs will take place in Autonomous cultural center Metelkova mesto close by:

AKC Metelkova mesto / Metelkova 10, 1000 Ljubljana


To help us organize the bookfair and finalize the program in time, please confirm your participation by answering to the points below and send us your proposals at bab2023(at)riseup(dot)net as soon as possible.

1. Who are you / what is your group, how many people will participate? Do you want the name of your group/organization/project to be published on the List of participants of BAB2023?

2. How would you like to participate? Do you want to organize a presentation, a discussion, a workshop, a concert or anything else? Do you want to actively participate and join the process of organization of some of the already announced discussions? [ CLOSED ]

3. Do you need a stand/table for the materials you will bring at the bookfair? How big?

4. Do you need help with accommodation and what are your preferences if any? ˙[ CLOSED ]


About sleeping arrangements

We will try to arrange free accommodation for all those who will participate on BAB2023 and need it but as we are expecting large number of comrades coming from all around this will be a big challenge for the local organization team. This is why we are encouraging everybody who has means and opportunity to organize accommodations by themselves. Read further for all the details.

It is amazing that so many people are coming to BAB2023 but that also means that all our free sleeping capacities are already fully booked.

Since Slovenia has been promoted as one of the (numerous) top lonely-planet-must-visit-tourism destinations in recent years, we believe it is appropriate to communicate some important information and reflections to everybody considering participating at this year’s Balkan Anarchist Bookfair in Ljubljana.

First of all, we strongly encourage the collectives and individuals to be proactive in organizing their own sleeping arrangements, if they have the means and opportunity to do so. In relation to this we would like everybody to understand that we strongly advise against using platforms such as AirBnB or Booking (and similar) to find a place to stay in Ljubljana.

Explanation. Please read to understand the reality of this city.

Ljubljana is one of the many and ever-increasing number of European cities and towns that are being hit hard by gentrification. Prices of housing are constantly rising and now we are talking about 4000 eur per m2 up to 8000 m2 for smaller apartments. But this is not all as we have come to a point where many of the housing premises in the city center are being emptied of locals and transformed into investment flats or for tourist short-term lodging. This has led to a big shortage of flats on the rental market while those that are available are being offered at increasingly exuberant rents.

If we take into consideration that wages of the big majority of the people do not correspond to those prices, it becomes clear that the city is being emptied of all the “undesired” elements, like students, poor people, migrants, or in general, an average middle class. In addition to this, gentrification is robbing us of the public places where we would be able to express ourselves politically or just have a friendly chat with our neighbours.

In January 2021, only 2 years ago, the biggest occupied and self-managed place in Ljubljana Avtonomna Tovarna Rog was brutally evicted in the middle of COVID-19 crisis. People and collectives were thrown into the streets in an illegal and violent action ordered by the municipality of Ljubljana, leaving them without housing, personal belongings, social and organizing spaces and much more. All this in the name of building a new cultural hub – Center Rog, that would, as so many places in this city, serve only for the “proper” artists and cater to the needs of reliably non-problematic and well-off elements of the society.

We recognize the gentrification process as not only being the goal in itself, but also as a tool of the system to prevent any possibility of future popular mobilizations or connections between the population.

Thus, when organizing sleeping arrangements for BAB23 please read the following options or contact us directly:

1. Communal sleeping: There will be some communal spaces arranged at few locations in the city where we can host up to 100 people. These are communal sleeping spaces which means smaller or bigger halls without beds – we will provide some yoga-style mattresses (for about 30 people). The ones that would use this option need their sleeping bags. If you are traveling by airplane and you don’t have space for the sleeping bag – let us know.  For the comrades that will be traveling by car and have the means to take with them some mattress and sleeping bags – please do. The sanitary is in good working condition.

For this arrangement, please let us know as soon as possible, since we need to keep track of the number. The fee for sleeping here is a donation since we have to cover the rent of some places, if you can donate;  if not, no one will be turned down. Please be aware that animals are not allowed in this premises. 

2. Camping: There will probably be an option of camping in some locations – so if you are interested – let us know. There are also some commercial camping sites in Ljubljana you can check out.

3. Private homes: We will have some options for sleeping in private accomodation at comrades’ and friends of bookfair places – reserved for the people that need some privacy or they have some other requirements. Since these places are limited, please let us know as soon as possible what do you need: Bed? Kids’ bed? Do you have allergies to any pets? Any other requirements? 

4. Additional communal spaces: There will be some additional smaller communal spaces in case of emergency and late commings but please do not leave your sleeping arrangements to last minute decisions! 

5. Hotel or Hostel: There are various options in the city but be aware that the summer is very much booked, so if you plan to come, book your stay as soon as possible. Good (and cheap) options are some hostels near the bookfair location: Youth hostel Tabor, Hostel DIC and B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park.

In any case, whatever you decide, let us know as soon as possible what you need, when  and how many of you are coming, so we can help you the best way so we all have a comfortable and safe stay during the bookfair.