Demonstration of internationalist solidarity during BAB2023


On the evening of Saturday, 8th of July, up to 1000 people joined a demonstration of internationalist solidarity and resistance against war, nationalism, patriarchy, borders and capital on the streets of Ljubljana during Balkan Anarchist Bookfair. The demonstration that was spontaneously initiated by the assembly of participants of BAB2023 and self-organized by them was a clear and concrete confirmation of the internationalist character of this gathering and our movement in general. Numerous languages that were heard through all the slogans during the demo on the streets and written on the banners are not only a symbolic sign but a concrete expression of our internationalism. For us it is very clear: everywhere in the world the enemies of the people are sitting in banks and parliaments.

More reports, statements, photo and video materials from the gathering, demonstration and bookfair itself will be published on the website in the next days.