Struggle for life and autonomy in Chiapas: notes from a journey to the Zapatista communities


Presentation and discussion

As individuals from different struggles and places in Germany, we came together last year to make a travel to the Zapatista territories.

Why? In the context of the Zapatista Gira, which took place in 2021, we all came into contact in one way or another with the compas who had traveled to Europe as a Zapatista delegation, but also with each other in Germany. In the course of our journey (2022/23) we were not only able to get to know the autonomy, but also to feel with our hearts why it is worthwhile to fight for alternatives in the face of the hydra of capitalism. We had the opportunity to experience the levels of autonomous health care, education and economy and to see them in the context of social life.

We want to share with you our experiences from there and discuss what this can mean in our respective contexts and how it might be possible to incorporate this and similar experiences into our struggles to strengthen autonomous places and build others.

La Lucha sigue!

Presentation by Travel group Semillas