The transformation of Russia’s political regime under the conditions of war – the impact on practices of self-organisation


Presentation and discussion

The brutal war unleashed by Russia became a serious challenge for the political system, but it has not led to its essential modification. The demand for the power and wealth redistribution was strong in some social groups before the war, but the lack of institutions to organize resistance prevented dissatisfied people with starting its resistance. The regime has been liquidating the institutions of self-organization for the last 20 years. The outbreak of hostilities in February 2022 caused active dissatisfaction among some citizens and fear for personal security and economic stability among low-resource groups. In 2023, the main reaction to the militaristic initiatives of the governments is the simulation of their support which depreciate them. The pro-war movement has a right-wing ideology, it’s radicalism and readiness for violence is alien to the elite and looks like dangerous for the government. Repressions that have been unleashed by political system against anti-war and other kind of activists negatively affect the ability to resist for big groups of citizens and they are hardly noticeable throughout the country. Prohibitions and obstacles to the existence of human rights NGOs make necessary supporting political prisoners with grassroots initiatives.

Presentation by АЧК-Москва / ABC-Moscow

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