ABC-Belarus talk on repressions in Belarus and current resistance to the regime


Presentation and discussion

Two and a half years after uprising in Belarus against dictatorship of Lukashenko over 2300 people are remaining in prison for participation in different actions against the regime. Dozens of thousands have left the country to avoid prosecution and are now spread all around the world, many ending up in Poland. Hundreds of people are fighting in Ukraine to stop russian imperialism, hoping that this will open new opportunities for the whole region.

Anarchists are among those who were hit hard by the political repressions of the last years. At least 25 anarchists and antifascists are sitting in prison at this moment, with prison terms going up to 21 year. Many of them are under constant pressure from the prison administration while the regime continues to prosecute them further for the resistance in the prison or actions that happened many years ago.

With this presentation we would like to talk to you about the current political atmosphere in Belarus and in diaspora abroad, perspectives of belarusian anarchists as well as collect money to continue support of the comrades in prisons and their families.

Until all are free!

Presentation by Anarchist Black Cross Belarus